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La sécurité routière: une responsabilité de l’entreprise?

On 21 June, the Special Envoy delivered his opening statement at the international conference organized by La Prevention Routière Internationale (PRI) and French Association “La Prevention Routière Française” in Paris, France. The conference took place in Paris and focused on road accidents, which remain the leading cause of a fatal accidents in the workplace for many companies. 

In his address to the audience, the Special Envoy highlighted growing responsibility at all levels across all sectors and ways that commitment to road safety is “good for business”. The Special Envoy gave on overview of road safety related SDGs and GA resolutions, as well as shared about the recent establishment of the UNRSTF, demonstrating evolution in attention and commitment to advancing global road safety. Furthermore, the Special Envoy highlighted the alignment of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to core business principles of many companies. In closing, the Special Envoy reiterated the role of the private sector and the importance of its contribution to reducing the number of casualties on the roads.