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Other meetings of March 2018

Prince Joachim of Denmark; Mr. Francois Zimeray, Ambassador of France in Denmark

On 15 March, the Special Envoy presented his mandate and shared about the upcoming launch of the UNRSTF. They further exchanged views on the best way to support developing countries in advancing road safety. 

Mr. Ole Birk Olesen, Minister of Transport of Denmark

The Special Envoy gave an overview of his mandate and activities within four key priorities of his assigned mandate. As Denmark is one of the best performing countries in the world on road safety, the Special Envoy encouraged the Minister to share Denmark’s best practices with developing countries. The Minister shared about on-going initiatives such as collaboration with the European Union on advancing regulations, improving cycling infrastructure as well as facilitating testing of autonomous vehicles. In conclusion, the Special Envoy shared about the upcoming UNRSTF launch event in New York and invited Denmark’s participation and potential contributions to the Trust Fund. 

Mr. Christian Friis Bach, Secretary-General, Danish Refugee Council

The Special Envoy provided an update on his activities as well as immediate priorities, since the departure of Mr. Bach as Executive Secretary of ECE. This included progress on the UNRSTF as well as its launch in New York in April.