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Seventy-Sixth Session of the Global Forum for Road Traffic Safety (WP.1), Geneva

On 19 March, the Special Envoy addressed the participants of a round table on Vulnerable Road Users, within the context of the 76th session of WP.1 during which Member States, civil society and research institutes were in attendance.
In his opening speech, the Special Envoy highlighted the role of core road safety legal instruments, emphasizing those he promotes as a Special Envoy. He encouraged Member States to consider accession to and implementation of UN Road Safety Conventions, in view of their contribution to reduced road traffic crashes in countries that are contracting parties.
The Special Envoy further highlighted inadequate resources as one of the key challenges to advancing road safety and shared about his on-going efforts on establishing the UNRSTF.
In conclusion, the Special Envoy outlined road-safety-related SDGs, while urging all relevant stakeholder to scale up action to accomplish those targets.