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Ninth meeting of the Working Group of the Parties to the Protocol on PRTRs

24 - 25 November 2022
Salle XXIV, Palais des Nations Geneva, Switzerland

The ninth meeting of the Working Group of the Parties to the Protocol on PRTRs was held in Geneva on 24 - 25 November 2022. The Working Group considered a number of subjects, including:

  • Development of the Protocol
  • Progress in implementing the work programme and financial matters
  • Promotion and coordination
  • Compliance and reporting mechanisms
  • Subregional and national activities: needs and challenges for capacity building

Parties, other member States and stakeholders had an opportunity to share their experiences in implementing pollutant release and transfer registers, in particular, during agenda items on the development of the Protocol and on subregional and national activities.

Documents for the meeting along with other material, statements and presentations are available on this webpage.

For more information please see photos and read a news article about the meeting: UNECE Protocol on PRTRs: supporting access to information on plastic pollution and promoting green and circular economy



31440 _ ECE/MP.PRTR/WG.1/2022/1 - Provisional Agenda _ 369996 _ English _ 773 _ 363502 _ pdf
31440 _ ECE/MP.PRTR/WG.1/2022/1 - Provisional Agenda _ 369996 _ French _ 780 _ 363503 _ pdf
31440 _ ECE/MP.PRTR/WG.1/2022/1 - Provisional Agenda _ 369996 _ Russian _ 864 _ 363504 _ pdf
31440 _ PRTR/WG.1/2022/Inf.2 - List of decisions and major outcomes, as adopted _ 373451 _ English _ 773 _ 368936 _ pdf
31440 _ ECE/MP.PRTR/WG.1/2022/Inf.3 - Item 5 (a): Note on update on contributions _ 375049 _ English _ 773 _ 372424 _ pdf

Statements and presentations

Statements and Presentations

Statements by EU and its Member States - PDF

Item 3: Promotion and coordination
(a) Coordination mechanisms and synergies    


Mr. Iñigo DE VICENTE-MINGARRO, Chair of the International PRTR Coordinating Group - PDF

Mr. Jorge OCANA, Manager, United Nations Institute for Training and Research, UNITAR - PDF

Mr. Koki TAKAKI, Policy analyst, OECD - PDF

Ms. Angela PANCIUC, Republic of Moldova, on behalf of the Chair of the Aarhus Convention Task Force on Access to Information - PDF

(b) Global promotion of the Protocol


Ms. Rina KUUSIPALO, Programme Management Officer and Mr. Andrea CARARO, Programme Management Officer, Secretariat of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions UN Environment Programme - PDF

Mr. Eisaku TODA, Senior Programme Management Officer, Secretariat of the Minamata Convention, UN Environment Programme  - PDF

Ms. Nalini SHARMA, SAICM Coordinator, UN Environment Programme - PDF

Item 5 (b): Development of the Protocol
Towards modern pollutant release and transfer register systems - Development topic


Ms. Malgorzata KICIA, Policy Officer and Mr. David GRIMEAUD, Administrator, European Commission - PDF

Mr. Nebojša REDZIC, Head of Department, Environmental Protection Agency, Serbia - PDF

Ms. Alex GILES, Head of Industrial Reporting and Regulatory Framework and Mr. Usman SAEED, Project Manager, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - PDF

Mr. Christian SCHAIBLE, Head of Zero Pollution Industry, European ECO-Forum/European Environmental Bureau NGO - PDF

Statements from the floor

Mr. Uri SHILHAV, PRTR coordinator, Ministry of Environment Protection, Israel - PDF  

Possible linkages to plastic pollution and related efforts


Mr. Erol CAVUS, Programme Management Officer, Mediterranean Action Plan, Barcelona Convention, UN Environment Programme - PDF

Ms. Maria Teresa PISANI, Chief Trade Facilitation Section, UNECE - PDF

Mr. Christian SCHAIBLE, Head of Zero Pollution Industry, European ECO-Forum/European Environmental Bureau NGO - PDF

Item 7. Subregional and national activities: achievements, needs and challenges for capacity-building


Ms. Veronica BERNARDEZ, Project coordinator, Ministry of Environment and Development, Argentina and Mr. Rodrigo ROMERO, International Consultant, UNDP in Argentina - PDF

Ms. Mari CHAKRYAN, Legal adviser, Ministry of Environment, Armenia - PDF

Ms. Suada NUMIC, Head of department, Federal ministry of environment and tourism, Bosnia and Herzegovina - PDF

Mr. Uon SOKUNTHEA, Chief Office, Ministry of Environment - Department of Hazardous Substance Management, Cambodia - PDF

Ms. Myrzabay TOGZHAN, Head of the Department for Analysis of Environmental Information and Preparation of the National Report on the State of the Environment, RSE CEC «Informational and analytical centre of environment protection», Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources, Kazakhstan - PDF

Mr. Anas OTMANI, chef de service des Analyses de la Pollution de l'Air, "Laboratoire National des Etudes et de Surveillance de la Pollution Département du Développement Durable", Morocco - PDF

Ms. Victoriia KYREIEVA, Director and Ms. Yuliia MOROZOVA, Deputy Director of the Department of Industrial Pollution Prevention, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources, Ukraine - PDF

Ms. Paloma SOMOHANO, Regional Technical Specialist, UNDP - PDF

Mr. Jorge OCANA, Manager, UNITAR

Ms. Magdolna TOTHNE DR. NAGY, European ECO-Forum/Guta Association of Environmental Law NGO - PDF

Statements from the floor

Ms. Enkeleda SHKURTA, Head of Information, GIS and Environmental Registers Sector, National Environmental Agency, Albania

Mr. Mario Joao DE OLIVEIRA, Legal Advisor to the Minister of Environment and Biodiversity, Guinea-Bissau - PDF

Ms. Melisa REDZEPAGIC, Advisor, Environmental Protection Agency, Montenegro

Mr. Ion MARIN, Project manager, European ECO Forum/ECO Contact NGO

Ms. Yelyzaveta ALEKSYEYEVA, Senior lawyer, European ECO Forum/Environment-People-Law NGO - PDF