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ACCC/C/2015/135 France

Case status: Findings adopted on 10.03.2020 – No non-compliance found; see para. 10 of Decision VII/8 on general issues of compliance.
Follow-up: - 
Topics: Public participation; Access to justice.
Articles alleged: 9 (2)
Articles considered by the Committee: 6 (1) (a), 6 (1) (b); 9 (2), 9 (3).
Articles, if any, found in non-compliance: -
Summary: On 4 November 2015, Mr. Patrick Janin submitted a communication to the Compliance Committee alleging a failure by France to comply with its obligations under article 9 (2) of the Convention. More specifically, the communicant alleged that a decision by the Conseil d’État to dismiss, for lack of standing, his petition against a ministerial order authorizing the destruction of animal pests violated the provision mentioned above.

Documents Status Date received or 
posted by the secretariat
Communication ENG FRE
Annex 1 ENG FRE
Annex 2 ENG FRE
Annex 3 ENG FRE
Annex 4 FRE
From the communicant 04.11.2015
Email enclosing comments on preliminary admissibility ENG FRE From the Party concerned 08.12.2015
Letter to Party concerned enclosing preliminary determination of admissibility and forwarding communication for Party concerned's response From the secretariat 11.03.2016
Response to communication ENG FRE From the Party concerned 09.08.2016
Comments ENG FRE
Annex: Article on Specificity of interest ENG FRE
From the communicant 19.09.2016
Letters to Party concerned and communicant seeking their views on whether a hearing is needed From the secretariat 23.05.2018
Comments on whether a hearing is needed ENG FRE From the communicant 31.05.2018
Comments on whether a hearing is needed From the Party concerned 08.06.2018
Final written submissions prior to commencement of deliberations ENG FRE From the Party concerned 25.06.2018
Draft findings and letter to the Party concerned and communicant inviting their comments From the secretariat 06.11.2019
Email ENG FRE enclosing comments ENG FRE on Committee’s draft findings  From the communicant 29.11.2019
Comments on Committee's draft findings ENG FRE From the Party concerned 17.12.2019
Findings ENG FRE RUS   10.03.2020