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Mobility Management - A guide of international good practices

As part of the ongoing work on THE PEP a Study on good practices in Mobility Management has been published.
Drawing on concrete experiences from across the Pan-European region, the guide, developed under the Transport Health and Environment Pan-European Programme (THE PEP), provides practical policy considerations enriched by a total of 22 good practices from 17 countries that set out the positive and significant impacts of mobility management programme.
The guide also looks at national and local efforts to coordinate mobility management initiatives, drawing on examples such as Austria’s “klimaaktiv mobil”, which since 2004 has funded 11,600 mobility management projects, including 9,200 for businesses, 1,100 for cities, municipalities and regions 900 for leisure and tourism, 400 for cycling projects. Other examples include France’s National strategy for sustainable mobility development, results of which include 133 sustainable urban mobility plans covering 55% of the population.
The guide is available here: English