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National Trade Facilitation Roadmap of the Kyrgyz Republic 2021–2025 (ECE/TRADE/464)

National Trade Facilitation Roadmap of the Kyrgyz Republic 2021–2025 (ECE/TRADE/464)

The National Trade Facilitation Roadmap of the Kyrgyz Republic 2021-2025 serves as the guiding framework for comprehensive national trade facilitation reforms over a five-year period. The Roadmap sets out a strategic vision and respective goals and activities for the Kyrgyz Republic to implement. Through these activities the Kyrgyz Republic can transform its trade facilitation services to digitally-enabled services, improve its position in global ranking and fully eliminate paper-based documents for export and import of essential goods. The activities in the Roadmap are expected to assist with overcoming COVID-19 related challenges. The Roadmap provides an implementation schedule based on the prioritization of the activities to allow for a higher impact. It also includes priority actions for category ‘C’ provisions of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) in the Kyrgyz Republic.

This Roadmap was developed as a part of the UNECE capacity-building project “Strengthening the capacity of the Kyrgyzstan National Trade Facilitation Council to implement the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement”, funded by the Russian Federation. This Roadmap will constitute an important reference for international donors, aimed at supporting the Kyrgyz Republic’s efforts towards a sustainable, inclusive, and resilient recovery in line with the United Nations 2030 Agenda.


National Trade Facilitation Roadmap of the Kyrgyz Republic 2021–2025 (ECE/TRADE/464)    English    Russian

Annex 1. Action Plan to implement the WTO TFA measures    English   Russian  

Annex 2a. Business Process Analysis (BPA): Export of textile products from the Kyrgyz Republic to the Russian Federation     English    Russian

Annex 2b. Business Process Analysis (BPA): Import of pharmaceutical products from the Russian Federation to the Kyrgyz Republic    English    Russian

Annex 3. Regulations on the National Trade Facilitation Council of the Kyrgyz Republic   Russian

Annex 4. Order of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic on the NTFC secretariat    Russian

Annex 5. Composition of the NTFC working groups on Trade Facilitation in the Kyrgyz Republic    Russian