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Indicators of Gender Equality

Indicators of Gender Equality

Statistics and indicators that reflect the realities of the lives of women and men are needed to describe women’s and men’s role in the society, economy and family, to formulate and monitor policies and plans, monitor changes, and inform the public. In 2010, the Conference of European Statisticians (CES) established the Task Force on Indicators of Gender Equality, to improve the monitoring of gender equality in the UNECE region by consolidating and systematizing gender-relevant statistical indicators.

This publication contains the result of the work of that Task Force, which was endorsed by CES in October 2014. It presents a set of 115 gender equality indicators recommended for use in countries participating in the work of CES.

The indicators are grouped in eight thematic domains inspired by the Beijing Platform for Action and categorized into 42 headline indicators and 73 supporting indicators. The selection is based on the consideration of policy needs, main existing international indicator frameworks, relevance to the measurement of gender equality and international availability.