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Guidance on Communicating Gender Statistics

Guidance on Communicating Gender Statistics
Gender statistics, like statistics on any other topic, are valuable to users only if they are easily found and accessible, and if users find them relevant and easy to understand. National statistical offices  must take extra care when communicating gender statistics to balance the need to remain impartial with the obligation to produce relevant data to inform policymaking and answer the needs of those who require the data.  
To support national statistical offices in this, the Conference of European Statisticians established the Task force on communicating gender statistics in 2018 . The task force developed the present publication, which consists of six guidance notes: 
  • Communicating about the Gender Pay Gap 
  • Communicating statistics on gender-based violence 
  • The language of gender in statistical communication 
  • Maintaining impartiality when communicating gender statistics 
  • Interacting with users of gender statistics 
  • Addressing data gaps in gender statistics 

Each of these six guidance notes explains the communication challenges and provides recommendations and good examples. 
The Guidance was endorsed by the 68th plenary session of the Conference of European Statisticians in 2020.
Download: ENG (2.96 MB)