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Gender Responsive Standards publication (ECE/TRADE/445) makes the case for mainstreaming gender in the development and implementation of standards. The first chapter places the discussion in the larger perspective of how standards contribute
This publication (ECE/TRADE/444) presents the results of an ongoing research on the practical experience of regulatory authorities, governments and local administrations, as well as regional groups of countries, in using standards towards
This Publication (ECE/TRADE/440) advocates for integrating education about standardization into the curricula of educational establishments. It presents evidence of the relevance of standards for policymakers and business executives as well
This Guide (ECE/TRADE/441) is a practical tool to help trainers in the preparation, delivery and follow up to a set of training workshops.   Both this guide and the workshop materials have been prepared by the UNECE Secretariat, with the
The aim of this bi-lingual Publication (ECE/TRADE/424) is to help bring voluntary standards into the toolbox of disaster risk reduction, including both by encouraging their use by business and by
Sixteen UNECE recommendations have been adopted by the Working Party since 1970 to address standardization and regulatory issues. They set out good practice regarding Regulatory cooperation, Metrology, Standards and Norms, Conformity assessment and Market surveillance.
This bilingual (English/Russian) publication  (ECE/TRADE/418) presents the results of the International Conference on “Standards and Regulatory Systems”, held in Geneva on
This publication guides policymakers in the design of regulatory systems that result in an efficient, effective and transparent management of risks. Recent years have been marked by many catastrophic events both natural and man-made. Close interconnections mean that the impact of these crises has
The UNECE Working Party on Regulatory Cooperation and Standardization Policies (WP. 6) has worked in close cooperation with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the IEC System for Certification to Standards relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres (IECEx) to
This trilingual Glossary sets out to provide a comprehensive list of terms used in legislative practice related to market surveillance in English, French and Russian. Le présent glossaire trilingue s'attache à apporter une liste exhaustive des termes employés en anglais, français et russe dans la
The publication examines changes in the regulatory landscape in the member States of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), including the recent trend towards “better regulation”, i.e. regulations with a greater focus on desired outcomes and more flexibility. This approach can
РезюмеРабочая группа по политике в области стандартизации и со-трудничества по вопросам норма- тивного регулирования ЕЭК ООН была создана в 1970 году как площадка, позволяющая вести диалог между регуляторами и ли-цами,
Le présent glossaire trilingue s'attache à apporter une liste exhaustive des termes employés en anglais, français et russe dans la pratique législative liée à la surveillance des marchés. Télécharge: 
Цель настоящего Глоссария - представить полный перечень терминов по надзору за рынком, используемых в законодательной практике (термины приведены на английском, французском и русском языках). Скачать публикацию (