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Standards for the Sustainable Development Goals (ECE/TRADE/444)

This publication (ECE/TRADE/444) presents the results of an ongoing research on the practical experience of regulatory authorities, governments and local administrations, as well as regional groups of countries, in using standards towards sustainable development and the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.
The focus of the present volume is to look at standards that are geared at securing the basic needs of communities:
(i) access to drinking water and sanitation and the provision of affordable and reliable energy services and
(ii) safe housing within resilient cities and communities,
in the greater context of safety from threats related to environmental and climatic hazards.
The SDGs that were chosen demonstrate both how standards help manage materiality aspects (related to energy and water use) and support the collective aspirations to more resilient and sustainable cities and communities.
The case studies presented in this publication were collected by a team of consultants working under the umbrella of the UNECE Working Party on Regulatory Cooperation and Standardization Policies (WP. 6), thanks to a research project financed by the German Metrology Institute (Physikalisch-Technischen Bundesanstalt, PTB) and two standards-setting organisations: ASTM International and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).