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Working Documents 2009

ECE/TRANS/SC.1/2009/8 - (Secretariat) Draft programme of work for 2010-2014
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ECE/TRANS/SC.1/2009/7 - (Secretariat) Accession to and implementation of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe international legal instruments in the field of road transport
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ECE/TRANS/SC.1/2009/6 - (CoB) Report of the President of the Council of Bureaux
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ECE/TRANS/SC.1/2009/5 - (IRU) Quantitative restrictions imposed on international road transport of goods
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ECE/TRANS/SC.1/2009/4 - (Secretariat) Progress Report by the Trans-European North-South Motorway Project Central Office (TEM)
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ECE/TRANS/SC.1/2009/3 - (Turkey) Consideration of new proposals for amendments of Annex I to the AGR
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ECE/TRANS/SC.1/2009/2 - (Secretariat) Consideration of new proposals for amendments to the AGR
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ECE/TRANS/SC.1/2009/1 - (Secretariat) Implementation of the digital tachograph
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