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Working Documents 2008

ECE/TRANS/SC.1/2008/7 - (Secretariat) AETR proposed amendments
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ECE/TRANS/SC.1/2008/6 - (TEM) Progress Report by the Trans-European North-South Motorway Project Central Office
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ECE/TRANS/SC.1/2008/5 - (Turkey) Quantitative Restrictions Imposed on International Road Transport of Goods
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ECE/TRANS/SC.1/2008/4 - (IRU) Proposal for a global multilateral agreement on the international regular transport of passengers by coach and bus (OmniBUS)
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ECE/TRANS/SC.1/2008/3 - (Secretariat) Implementation of the digital tachograph
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ECE/TRANS/SC.1/2008/2 - (Estonia) Proposed amendments to Annex I to the AGR
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ECE/TRANS/SC.1/2008/1 - (CoB) Report of the President of the Council of Bureaux
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ECE/TRANS/SC.1/384 - (Secretariat) AGR - Consolidated version
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ECE/TRANS/SC.1/2007/3/Rev.2 - (Secretariat) AETR amendment proposals
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ECE/TRANS/SC.1/2007/3/Rev.1 - (Secretariat) AETR amendment proposals
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ECE/TRANS/SC.1/2007/1/Corr.1 -(Secretariat) AETR questionnaire on checking of driving and rest times - Corrigendum
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ECE/TRANS/SC.1/2007/1 - AETR questionnaire on checking of driving and rest times
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ECE/TRANS/SC.1/2006/2/Add.1 - (Secretariat) Requirements for Construction, Testing, Installation, and Inspection of the Digital Control Device used in Road Transport
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ECE/TRANS/SC.1/AC.6/2006/2 - (Secretariat) Consideration of Proposed Amendments to the AETR
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ECE/TRANS/SC.1/AC.6/2006/1/Rev.2 - (Secretariat) Consideration of proposed amendments to the AETR
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