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The role of brand management, marketing and crisis communication for Statistical Organizations


In the age of the information deluge, National Statistical Offices (NSOs) and International Statistical Organizations serve as vital sources of independent, reliable, and trusted Official Statistics. Amidst the proliferation of alternative data sources and global misinformation, these organizations need to highlight their contributions and the distinctive qualities that establish Official Statistics as a trustworthy resource.

To effectively address these challenges, statistical organizations must adopt a multifaceted approach, including strategic communication, audience prioritization, and sustained brand and reputation management. This publication offers essential guidance, tools, and strategies for crafting, promoting, and preserving a strong brand, as well as managing reputation, including during crises. Developed by the Task Team on Market Research, Digital Marketing, and Communication Strategies within the High-Level Group on Modernisation of Official Statistics (HLG MOS) and endorsed in 2022, this compendium of best practices aims to provide invaluable support and guidance to professionals in the field of statistical communication.