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Data Stewardship and the Role of National Statistical Offices in the New Data Ecosystem


The rapidly evolving landscape of data production and sharing is an opportunity for national statistical offices to reconsider their position in the national data ecosystem and take on a broader role as a provider of data services. A concept often used in association with this changing role is data stewardship. The publication defines and explains data stewardship and other related foundational concepts and frameworks for the context of official statistics.

The publication aims to serve as a guide to statistical offices regardless of data or structural maturity. It will help statistical offices decide whether and how to take up the role of data stewards, including for the public sector, as well as provide inspiration and ideas for those already performing this function. Public data holders will also better understand the advantages and services provided by National Statistical Offices in the data ecosystem.

The publication is supplemented with country case studies to demonstrate the pathways NSOs in different countries have taken to progress their role as data stewards.

Also available is a five-page brief, consisting of the key messages of the publication and a summary of each chapter.