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Legal base and technical regulations (UNECE, Erik Willems) (English)

Construction of vehicles (Danish Customs, Bent Rasmussen) (English)

Authorization of vehicle inspectors and endorsement of TIR certificates in Finland (Finnish Customs, Erik Lindholm) (Finnish)

Certification process in Bulgaria (Bulgarian Customs, Elisaveta Takova) (English)

Certification process in Czech Republic (Czech Customs, Richard Vesecky) (English)

Certification process in Poland (Polish Customs, Marcin Zuc) (English)

Certification process in Estonia (Estonian Customs, Aivar Kullarand) (English)

Inspections at the office of departure / entry and destination / exit / enforcement issues - cases from real life (Finnish Customs, Jouni Väkevä, Ari Peltonen) RESTRICTED

Enforcement issues - cases from real life (Danish Customs, Bent Rasmussen) RESTRICTED

New ideas related to the approval procedure (UNECE, André Sceia) (English)