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Risk management and green, digital transformation conference

Risk management and green, digital transformation conference

Group of Experts on Risk Management in Regulatory Systems (GRM)

02 April 2024 14:00 - 17:30
Palais des Nations H-building and virtual connection possible Geneva Switzerland

This meeting takes place during the WP.6 third annual Forum


A green transformation is urgently needed to address pressing challenges, including sustainable energy transition and deployment of low carbon solutions, to fight climate change, biodiversity loss, and reduce environmental pressures. Digital technologies are opening up new possibilities for economic development, policy implementation and the management of public services. They also offer the potential for an improved management of natural resources and facilitate the shift towards a circular economy by filling information gaps, increasing efficiency and making new forms of economic activity possible, including changes in production and consumption patterns.

Integrating digital capabilities in products can created a good deal of added value, but simultaneously can potentially present a number of challenges for customs control, for product control and for other regulatory processes. Products can potentially become more complex and accumulate technical regulations making them more difficult to process and control. In parallel, the expansion of e-commerce (sale of goods over the internet) has reduced the size of consignments and increased their volume. There is an explosion of small parcels being sent across borders instead of the traditional container-full of identical products that were traded ten years ago and before.

It is essential for regulatory agencies to take a risk-based approach in order to manage these challenges.


This conference will consider the challenges faced by regulatory agencies in relation to the digital, green transition, lay down the principles of risk management that could be applied to these and brainstorm on further guidance which could eventually be useful from WP.6 in this area.

Target Audience

Experts on digital, green transformations, Experts on risk management, government administrations.


Welcome address

  • Lance Thompson, UNECE WP.6 [Bio]
  • Alexia Davison, Office for Product Safety and Standards, UK; Chair of UNECE GRM [Bio]

Keynote and opening

  • Waleed Gadban, Counsellor in charge of the UN Agencies, Permanent Mission of Israel to the United Nations Office and other international organizations in Geneva [Bio]


  • Donald Macrae, Vice Chair of UNECE WP.6 GRM [Bio]

Risk management and digital products

  • Pete Eisenegger, UK National Consumer Federation on consumer digital concerns [Bio][PPT]
  • Francois Guichard, UNECE WP.29 on autonomous vehicles [Bio][PPT]
  • Markus Krebsz, UNECE WP.6 project on conformity of products with embedded digital technologies [Bio][PPT]

Risk management and artificial intelligence

  • Valentin Nikonov, Vice Chair of UNECE WP.6 GRM on residual risk [Bio][PPT]
  • Jin Cui, ITU on AI-4-Good and other ITU work on AI [Bio][PPT]
  • Sebastian Hallensleben, Chair CENELEC JTC21 on the EU AI Act [Bio][PPT]