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2019 Country Market Statements

Country market statements are prepared by member states as background  for the annual meeting of the Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry. Information from the country market statements also feeds into the Committee's Market Statement, which is an Annex to the meeting report. The Country market statements address the following subjects:
1. General economic trends affecting the forest and forest industries sector (brief description)
2. Policy measures taken in the country over the past 18 months, which might have a bearing on trade and markets of forest products or forest management. The UNECE/FAO Forest Products Annual Market Review, 2018-2019 is a background document for the Market Discussions.
3. Market drivers – including construction trends, currency exchange rate fluctuations, export restrictions for unprocessed wood, extra-regional consumption of forest products, targeted incentives for green building, renewable energy and so on. How these market drivers are affecting the market for forest products in your country, whether for good or for ill. 
4. Developments in forest products markets sectors.
5. Tables on economic indicators and forest products production and trade in 2018, 2019 and 2020
2019 UNECE Region COFFI Market Statement
Following the annual Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry Market Discussions, the Committee issues a statement summarizing developments in the current year and forecasts for the next year.
Country Market Statements
The Committee encouraged delegations to submit Country Market Statements in electronic format. The following Market Statements were received and are set out below without any changes or editing. Other member countries wishing to be added to the list are invited to send their texts to the secretariat at the contact address on the left.
Country File
Austria PDF
Canada PDF
Cyprus PDF
Czechia PDF
Finland PDF
France PDF
Germany PDF
Ireland PDF
Netherlands PDF
Poland PDF
Portugal PDF
Slovenia PDF
Sweden PDF
Switzerland PDF
United Kingdom PDF

Please note that the forecast tables are not necessarily part of the statement. The forecast data can be found here (current year forecasts will be available after the Committee meeting).
Previous Years
Country statements from previous years can be found here
Committee market statements and data can be found here.