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Workshop “Sustainable urban transport and mobility: Policies and practices on the basis of UNECE Environmental Performance Reviews”

18 - 19 June 2019
Budva Montenegro

Main objectives

  • Provide a platform for countries of Eastern and South Eastern Europe and the Caucasus to share their experiences in addressing sustainable transport issues and to support cooperation between the relevant experts for transport and environment;
  • Discuss opportunities and challenges currently hindering the development of sustainable transport considering the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals;
  • Improve the understanding of available tools and instruments to support sustainable transport;
  • Brainstorm, discuss and identify solutions to overcome challenges and remove bottlenecks in the area of sustainable transport.

Programme (ENG / Word)

Examples of EPR SDGs boxes related to transport and environment (ENG / Word)

Priority areas for session 4 "Interactive session on identifying practical solutions in priority areas to support sustainable urban transport and mobility(ENG / Word)

Working document for session 5 "Interactive session on identifying the next steps for the implementation of EPR recommendations related to transport and environment from the latest EPRs of participating countries(ENG / Word)

Typical recommendations for session 5 (ENG / Word)

List of participants (ENG)

Evaluation form (ENG / WordReview of meeting satisfaction (ENG)

News article "UNECE helps connect transport and environment objectives for sustainable mobility in Eastern and South Eastern Europe and the Caucasus" 



UN Resident Coordinator to Montenegro (ENG)

Session 1. Priority issues for the transition to sustainable transportation

EPRs: towards a sustainable transport sector (ENG)

Sharing of experience on the implementation of EPR recommendations related to transport and environment:

Montenegro (ENG)

Belarus (ENG)

Georgia (ENG)

Session 2. Tools and instruments to support sustainable urban transport/mobility and abatement for mobile emission sources to reduce air pollution

Tools for sustainable transport (ENG)

Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme (ENG)

Best practice in sustainable transport, University of Milan Bicocca (ENG)

How to reduce emissions from transport? Emission limits for mobile sources in the Gothenburg Protocol under the UNECE Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution (ENG)

How to increase the sustainability of urban transport?, ISPRA, Italy (ENG)

EBRD activities for sustainable transport development (ENG)

Session 3. Opportunities in and challenges for development of sustainable transport policies 

Sharing good practices, success stories and challenges from putting into practice a sustainable transport policy, with a focus on urban transport:

Montenegro (ENG)

Albania (ENG)

Azerbaijan (ENG)

Bosnia and Herzegovina (ENG)

Serbia (ENG)

Ukraine (ENG)

Urban transport development (policy, good practice, projects):

Georgia (ENG)

North Macedonia (ENG)