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PRE/ACCC/C/2021/188 United Kingdom

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posted by the secretariat
List of Annexes
Annexes A-E 
Annex F
Annexes G-J
Annexes J-S
From the communicant 14.09.2021
Comments on preliminary admissibility
Annex 1: First-tier Tribunal, Latimer vs Informations Commissioner, 30.11.2020
Annex 2: Environmental Information Regulations 2004/3391
Annex 3: Resonse to Mr. Latimer, 10.12.2020
Annex 4: Final response regarding information request of 15.01.2019, 16.12.2020
From the Party concerned 15.10.2021
Comments on Party concerned’s comments on preliminary admissibility From the communicant 18.10.2021



From the Party concerned  19.10.2021
Comments on Party concerned's email dated 19.10.2021  From the communicant 20.10.2021