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ACCC/M/2021/5 Republic of Moldova

Case status: Findings adopted on 29.07.2022 - Non-compliance found
Topics: -
Articles alleged: -
Articles considered by the Committee:
Articles, if any, found in non-compliance:
Summary: At its seventh session, the Meeting of the Parties expressed its deep concern that the Republic of Moldova had still not yet submitted its national implementation report for the fifth reporting cycle and called upon the Compliance Committee to consider the ongoing failure by the Republic of Moldova to submit its reports for the fifth and sixth cycles.

Document Status Date received or posted by the secretariat
Relevant excerpts from the report of the seventh session of the Meeting of the Parties From the secretariat 21.10.2021
Draft findings and letter to the Party concerned inviting its comments From the secretariat 22.06.2022
Comments on the Committee’s draft findings From the Party concerned 07.07.2022
Findings ENG FRE RUS   29.07.2022