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ACCC/C/2019/169 Hungary

Case status: Inadmissible.
Topics: Protection of environmental defenders; Public participation; Access to justice.
Articles alleged: 3 (8); 6; 9.
Articles considered by the Committee:
Articles, if any, found in non-compliance:
Summary: The communication was submitted to the Compliance Committee on 20 May 2019 by two NGOs, two individuals and Greenpeace Energy e.G. The communication alleged a failure to comply with articles 3 (8), 6 and 9 of the Convention in connection with the construction of the Paks II nuclear power plant. 

Documents Status Date received or
posted by the secretariat
Annex 1: Paks II Decision
Annex 2: Extracts from the Paks Decision
Annex 3: Extracts and dates from the Paks Decision
Annex 4: Comments from Jan Haverkamp
Annex 5: Comments from Oekologie Institut
Annex 6: Curia Decision
Annex 7: Email with Brigitte Artmann ENG GER
Annex 8: Letters from the Hungarian authorities
From the communicants 20.05.2019
Comments on preliminary admissibility From the Party concerned 28.06.2019
Email to parties regarding outcome of 64th meeting From the secretariat 15.07.2019
Letter enclosing questions from the Committee to the parties regarding available domestic remedies From the secretariat 04.10.2019
Reply to the Committee's questions From the communicants 28.10.2019
Reply to the Committee’s questions
Annex 1: Public Participation Directive
Annex 2:  Judgment in Case No. 24.K.3064 7/2006/20 HUN and ENG (extracts)
Annex 3: Decision No. 1/2019, KMJE of January 2019
From the Party concerned 31.10.2019
Additional comments regarding admissibility From the Party concerned 04.11.2019
Statement concerning admissibility From the communicants 04.11.2019
Email notifying the parties of the Committee’s determination that communication is inadmissible From the secretariat 14.11.2019