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ACCC/C/2019/163 Austria

Case status: Pending.
Topics: Definitions; Clear, transparent and consistent framework; Discrimination based on citizenship, nationality or domicile; Public participation; Access to justice.
Articles alleged: 2 (4), 2 (5); 3 (1), 3 (7), 3 (9); 6 (4), 6 (7); 9 (2).
Articles considered by the Committee:
Articles, if any, found in non-compliance:
Summary: The communication was submitted to the Compliance Committee on 29 October 2018 by the Liechtenstein Citizens’ Group “mobil ohne Stadttunnel”. The communication alleges a failure to comply with articles 2 (4) and (5), 3 (1), (7) and (9), 6 (4), (7) and 9 (2) of the Convention in relation to the participation and access to justice rights of foreign citizens’ groups.

Documents Status Date received or
posted by the secretariat
Annex 1: Austrian citizen’s initiative comments on project GER
Annex 2: Communicant’s comments on project GER
Annex 3: Authority’s decision granting communicant standing GER
Annex 4: Federal Administrative Court decision GER
Annex 5: Supreme Administrative Court decision concerning communicant GER
From the communicant 29.10.2018
Annex: Supreme Administrative Court decision concerning Austrian citizen’s initiative GER
From the communicant 14.11.2018
Statement regarding preliminary admissibility From the Party concerned 11.03.2019
Letters to the Party concerned and the communicant enclosing Committee's determination of preliminary admissibility and forwarding the communication for the Party concerned's response From the secretariat 22.03.2019
Covering letter enclosing response to communication
Annex: Article 9 and 19 of the EIA Act
From the Party concerned 22.08.2019
Letters inviting Party concerned and communicant to hearing at the Committee’s 80th meeting From the secretariat 17.07.2023
Email enclosing English translation of annex 3 to communication From the communicant 18.07.2023
Statement From observer Justice and Environment 07.09.2023
Opening statement at hearing
Annex 1: Announcement published on Liechtenstein Official Journal dated 22.05.2014 regarding EIA documents (Exhibit 7) ENG GER
Annex 2: Letter dated 23.07.2014 from Ms. Matt to the Office of the provincial government of Vorarlberg (Exhibit 8) ENG GER
From the communicant 18.09.2023
Opening statement at hearing From the Party concerned 29.09.2023