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ACCC/C/2017/157 United Kingdom

Case status: Closed and summary proceedings applied by Compliance Committee at its sixty-ninth meeting (see para. 48 of the Report of the Committee’s sixty-ninth meeting). 
Topics: Access to justice.
Articles alleged: 9 (3).
Articles considered by the Committee:
Articles, if any, found in non-compliance:
Summary: The communication was submitted to the Compliance Committee by Mr. Andrew Dean Hardwick, a member of the public, on 20 December 2017. The communication alleged non-compliance with article 9 (3) of the Convention in connection with the costs regime for appeals under section 288 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

Documents Status Date received or 
posted by the secretariat


Annex: Judgment in R (on application of RSPB) v Secretary of State for Justice [2017] EWHC 2309                                            

From the communicant 20.12.2017
Statement on preliminary admissibility From the Party concerned 09.03.2018
Statement following the hearing on preliminary admissibility as requested by the Chair of the Committee From the Party concerned 13.03.2018
Email enclosing Court of Appeal judgement, The  Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government v Sarah Louise Venn [2014] EWCA Civ 1539  From the communicant 14.03.2018
Letters to the Party concerned and the communicant enclosing Committee's determination of preliminary admissibility and forwarding the communication for the Party concerned's response From the secretariat 22.03.2018
Update From the Party concerned 20.08.2018
Clarification From the Party concerned 12.09.2018
Letter From the Party concerned 07.11.2018
Response to communication From the Party concerned 21.12.2018
Annex 1: High Court judgment, RSPB, Friends of the Earth, ClientEarth v. Secretary of State [2017] EWHC 2309, 15.09.2017
Annex 2: Civil Procedure Amendment Rules
From the Party concerned 08.03.2019
Email to the Party concerned From the secretariat


Update From the Party concerned 12.11.2019
Email inviting comments From the secretariat 20.11.2019
Comments on the update of 12 November 2019 From the communicant 10.12.2019
Comments on the communicant’s comments of 10 December 2019 From the Party concerned 17.12.2019
Email to the communicant From the secretariat 15.11.2020
Reply to Committee's question From the communicant 22.11.2020