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ACCC/C/2017/149 Greece

Case status: Pending.
Topics: Public participation.
Articles alleged: 6 (3), 6 (4), 6 (8); 7.
Articles considered by the Committee:
Articles, if any, found in non-compliance:
Summary: The communication was submitted to the Compliance Committee by the non-governmental organizations ClientEarth (United Kingdom) and the World Wide Fund for Nature (Greece) on 3 August 2017. The communication alleged non-compliance with article 7 in conjunction with article 6 (3), (4) and (8) of the Convention in relation to the preparation of a transitional national plan under the European Union’s Industrial Emissions Directive.

Documents Status Date received or 
posted by the secretariat
From the communicants 03.08.2017
Request for further information from the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Committee From the secretariat 10.10.2017

Reply to request for further information including annexes 1-3

Annex 4: WWF Greece Financial Statements 2015-2016

From the communicants 06.11.2017
Statement for the hearing on preliminary admissibility at the Committee's 59th meeting From the Party concerned 11.12.2017
Letters to the Party concerned and the communicant enclosing Committee's determination of preliminary admissibility and forwarding the communication for the Party concerned's response From the secretariat 29.12.2017
Response to communication From the Party concerned 29.05.2018
Question to Party concerned to clarify whether its response of 29 May 2018 challenged admissibility From the secretariat 09.03.2019
Reply to clarify whether its response of 29 May 2018 challenged admissibility From the Party concerned 12.04.2019
Letter inviting communicants' comments on admissibility From the secretariat 01.11.2019
Comments on admissibility From the communicants 29.11.2019
Letter to the communicants From the secretariat 01.02.2024
Update From the communicants 15.02.2024
Letter to the Party concerned and communicants seeking their views on whether a hearing is needed From the secretariat 18.03.2024
Reply as to need for a hearing From the communicants  02.04.2024
Reply as to need for a hearing From the Party concerned 04.04.2024