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ACCC/C/2012/66 Croatia

Case status: Findings adopted on 27.09.2013 – Non-compliance found.
Follow-up: Concluded; see para. 15 of Decision VI/8 on general issues of compliance, Decision V/9e.
Topics: Clear, transparent and consistent framework; Public participation.
Articles alleged: 7.
Articles considered by the Committee: 3 (1); 6 (3), 6 (4), 6 (8); 7.
Articles, if any, found in non-compliance: 3 (1); 7.
Summary: On 24 January 2012, the non-governmental Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development “Sunce” submitted a communication to the Compliance Committee alleging that Croatia failed to comply with its obligations under the Convention concerning public participation with regard to plans and programmes. The communication alleged that the Party concerned failed to comply with article 7 of the Convention because of the adoption of waste management plans at the county and city level without inspection control and public participation.

Document Status Date received or posted by the secretariat
Datasheet ACCC/C/2012/66 Latest datasheet on the status of the communication 06.08.2013
Determination on admissibility At CC-36 30.03.2012
Communication From the communicant 27.09.2011

Annex 1
Annex 2
Annex 3
Annex 4
Annex 5
Annex 6
Annex 7

From the communicant 27.09.2011
Letter to the Party concerned, the communicant and the questions from the Committee From the secretariat 08.05.2012

Response from the communicant

Annex 1. Petition to the Ministry of Environmental Protection

Annexes 2a and 2b. Letter to the  Ministry of Environmental Protection and response from the City of Split

Annexes 3a and 3b. Letter to the City of Kastela and its response

From the communicant

Letter from the Party concerned and its response From the Party concerned 08.10.2012
Invitation to the Party concerned and to the communicant for the discussion at CC-39 From the secretariat 06.11.2012
Letter and Annex (Guidance Note of the European Commission on the preparation of waste management plans) From the communicant 22.11.2012

Final statement at the discussion at CC-39 (13 December 2012)

From the communicant



Letter with questions after discussion at CC-39
From the secretariat 08.01.2013

Letter with answers after CC-39

Attachment 1

Attachment 2

Attachment 3

Attachment 4

From the communicant

Letter with answers after CC-39 From the Party concerned 15.02.2013
Letters to the Party concerned and to the communicant enclosing draft findings From the secretariat 18.07.2013
Comments From the communicant 12.08.2013
Comment From the Party concerned 02.09.2013
Findings ENG FRE RUS and letters to the Party concerned and to the communicant From the secretariat 05.01.2014