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ACCC/C/2010/55 United Kingdom

Case status: Closed at forty-ninth meeting of the Compliance Committee held from 30 June to 3 July 2013 (see para.17 of the Report of the Committee's forty-ninth meeting)
Follow-up:  - 
Topics: Definitions.
Articles alleged: 2 (2).
Articles considered by the Committee: -
Articles, if any, found in non-compliance: -
Summary: The Communication was submitted by Fish Legal and alleged non-compliance by the United Kingdom with provisions of article 2 (2) of the Convention in relation to the definition of water and sewage companies in England and Wales.

  Document Status Date received or posted by the secretariat
  Datasheet ACCC/C/2010/55 (United Kingdom) Latest datasheet on the status of the communication 15.09.2011
  Determination on admissibility At CC-30 09.02.2011
Annex 1 - Decision of the Information Commissioner's Office (12 March 2010)
Annex 2 - Grounds of Appeal to the First Tier tribunal (24 march 2010)
Annex 3 - Upper Tribunal judgment (23 November 2010)
Communication ACCC/C/2010/55 03.12.2010
  Letter to the the Party concerned forwarding the communication From the secretariat 01.02.2011
  Letter to the communicant after CC-30 and questions From the secretariat 01.02.2011

Letter from the communicant
Annex A
Annex B
Annex C
Annex D
Annex E

From the communicant 15.02.2011
  Letter from representative of water companies in E&W From third party 16.03.2011
  Letter from representative of SmartSource From third party 19.05.2011
  Response From the Party concerned 24.06.2011
  Letter to the parties after CC-33 From the secretariat 27.07.2011
  Letter to the parties after CC-34 From the secretariat 17.10.2011
  Letter to the parties after CC-35 From the secretariat 20.01.2012
  Letter on the progress of the court proceedings From the communicant 24.01.2012
  Message regarding a possible formal discussion solicited at CC-36 From the secretariat 14.02.2012
  Response from the communicant From the communicant 17.02.2012
  Response from the Party concerned From the Party concerned 20.02.2012

Letter to the parties after CC-36

From the secretariat 23.04.2012
  Letter enclosing decision of Upper Tribunal From the communicant 24.02.2015
  Email From the secretariat 06.03.2015
  Update From the Party concerned 23.03.2015
  Update From the communicant 23.03.2015
  Letter requesting to withdraw communication From the communicant 20.04.2015