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ACCC/C/2010/45 United Kingdom

Case status: Findings adopted on 28.06.2013 – No non-compliance found; see para. 9 of Decision V/9 on general issues of compliance.
Follow-up:  - 
Topics: Public participation; Access to justice.
Articles alleged: 9 (2) (b), 9 (3), 9 (4), 9 (5).
Articles considered by the Committee: 6 (1) (b), 6 (4); 7; 9 (2).
Articles, if any, found in non-compliance: -
Summary: On 10 September 2010, the Kent Environment and Community Network, submitted a communication to the Compliance Committee, alleging a general failure of the United Kingdom to properly implement the provisions of article 9 (2) (b), (3), (4) and (5) of the Convention. To illustrate this failure, the communication referred to the example of the planning application for the Sainsbury’s superstore in Hythe, Kent.

Document Status Date received or posted by the secretariat
Datasheet ACCC/C/2010/45 (United Kingdom) Latest datasheet on the status of the communication 06.08.2013
Determination on admissibility At CC-29 11.10.2010
Communication and summary (Cover letter) Communication ACCC/C/2010/45 11.10.2010
Annex 1 First Kent Environment and Community Network (KECN) communication Annex 11.10.2010
Annex 2 Second Kent Environment and Community Network Annex 11.11.2010
Annex 3 Planning application YO9/0627/SH Annex 11.11.2010
Annex 4 Planning permission YO9/0627/SH Annex 11.11.2010
Annex 5 "Death of a High Street Decay of a Town" (booklet) Annex 11.11.2010
Annex 6 Letter requesting a call-in to the Secretary of State Annex 11.11.2010
Annex 7 Letter to the Secretary of State asking for a screening opinion Annex 11.11.2010
Annex 8 - Response of the UK to KECN Complain Annex 11.11.2010
Annex 9 - Further KECN letter to the European Commission Annex 11.11.2010
Annex 10 - Letter before action to the Council Annex 11.11.2010
Annex 11 - The Council's letter of refusal Annex 11.11.2010
Annex 12 - Response to letter before action from developers Annex 11.11.2010
Annex 13 - Costs barriers to environmental justice, Report by the Environmental Law Foundation (March 2010) Annex 11.11.2010
Annex 14 - R(Cornerhouse Research) v Secretary for Trade and Industry [2005] 1 WLR 2600 Annex 11.11.2010
Annex 15 - Information from the LGO website Annex 11.11.2010
Annex 16 - Extract from the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 Annex 11.11.2010
Annex 17 - The Caborn Statement 1999 Annex 11.11.2010
Letter to the Party concerned forwarding the communication From the secretariat 28.10.2010
Letter to the communicant From the secretariat 28.10.2010
Letter to the Party concerned with supporting documentation From the secretariat 10.11.2010
Cover Letter
Submissions on costs and procedural matters
Submissions on substantive issues (Appendix 1 and Appendix 2)
From the communicant 27.03.2011
Response from the Party From the Party concerned 12.04.2011
Letter to the Party and letter to the communicant after CC-32 From the secretariat 02.05.2011
Response from the communicant
KECN rebuttal statement to Defra statement (11.04.2011)
Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Appendix 3
Appendix 4
Appendix 5
From the communicant 12.06.2011
Letter to parties after CC-33 From the secretariat 27.07.2011

Response from the Party regarding the communicant's expanded allegations
Attachment 1 - Screening Directions 64807
Attachment 2 - Shepway Screening Opinion 29 June 2009

From the Party concerned 22.12.2011
Letter to parties after CC-35 From the secretariat 01.02.2012


JPL Article

LEP Article

Article Mayoral Powers

From the communicant 05.03.2012
Invitation to the Party and to the communicant for the discussion of the communication at CC-37 From the secretariat 10.05.2012

Statement at CC-37

Annex 1

Annex 2

Annex 3

Annex 4

From the Party concerned 27.06.2012
Letter to parties with questions after CC-37 (discussion) From the secretariat 05.07.2012
Response from the Party concerned        From the Party concerned        31.07.2012
Response from the communicant                   
Annex - R (Anderson) v Home Secretary [2002] UKHL 46
From the communicant  (ACCC/C/2011/60) 02.08.2012
Response from the communicant From the communicant (ACCC/C/2010/45)    13.08.2012
Additional information, Cover letter and Annex 1, Annex 2, Annex 3 From the communicant  (ACCC/C/2011/60) 15.09.2012
Addendum 1 and Addendum 2 to the communicant's information of 2.08.12 From the communicant  (ACCC/C/2011/60) 28.09.2012
Letter with additional information From the communicant 06.12.2012

From the Party concerned       

Draft findings and letter to the parties From the secretariat 01.05.2013
Comments (cover letter) From the communicant (ACCC/C/2010/45) 29.05.2013
Comments From the Party concerned 29.05.2013
Comments From the communicant (ACCC/C/2011/60) 29.05.2013 (rev. 29.06.13)
Findings and letter to the parties From the secretariat 16.07.2013