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ACCC/A/2022/3 Ukraine

Document Status Date received or posted by the secretariat
Request for advice From the Party concerned 27.06.2022
Letter From observer (Environment-People-Law) 04.07.2022
Letter on Committee’s procedure and enclosing questions to the Party concerned From the secretariat 21.07.2022
Email inviting comments on the request for advice From the secretariat 21.07.2022
Annex 1: Letter from Ministry of Environment to NGO Ukrainian nature conservation group dated 20.07.2022 ENG UKR
Annex 2: Letter from Ministry of Environment on EIA report ENG UKR
Annex 3: EIA report 01/2022 ENG UKR
From observer (Environment-People-Law) 22.07.2022
Cover email enclosing comments  From observer (Right to Protection)  28.07.2022