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ACCC/A/2022/3 Ukraine

Document Status Date received or posted by the secretariat
Request for advice From the Party concerned 27.06.2022
Letter From observer (Environment-People-Law) 04.07.2022
Letter on Committee’s procedure and enclosing questions to the Party concerned From the secretariat 21.07.2022
Email inviting comments on the request for advice From the secretariat 21.07.2022
Annex 1: Letter from Ministry of Environment to NGO Ukrainian nature conservation group dated 20.07.2022 ENG UKR
Annex 2: Letter from Ministry of Environment on EIA report ENG UKR
Annex 3: EIA report 01/2022 ENG UKR
From observer (Environment-People-Law) 22.07.2022
Cover email enclosing comments  From observer (Right to Protection)  28.07.2022
Replies to Committee’s questions of 21.07.2022 From the Party concerned 28.11.2022
Email inviting comments from observers on the Party concerned’s replies From the secretariat 02.12.2022
Comments on Party concerned’s replies to the Committee’s questions From observer (Environment-People-Law) 13.12.2022
Letter to the Party concerned enclosing the Committee’s draft advice for comment From the secretariat 09.03.2023
Comments on Committee’s draft advice From observer (Environment-People-Law) 21.03.2023
Comments on the Committee’s draft advice From the Party concerned 23.03.2023
Advice (advance unedited version) ENG    09.06.2023
Update From the observer Environment-People-Law 29.11.2023