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The Bureau of the Conference of the Parties (Bureau) was created at the first meeting of the Conference of the Parties in 2000. Its terms of reference were last revised at the ninth meeting (see pages 7-8).
The Bureau consists of the Chairperson of the Conference of the Parties, two Vice-Chairpersons (officers of the Conference of the Parties) and other members of the Bureau elected from representatives of the Parties to the Convention.
The Bureau meets at least once a year. Its main tasks, which are carried out with assistance from the secretariat, are listed in the terms of reference.

Current members of the Bureau are:

Officers of the Conference of the Parties
Ms. Torill Tandberg (Norway) - Chair
Ms. Marie-Claire Lhenry (France) - Vice-Chair
Mr. Martin Merkofer (Switzerland) - Vice-Chair


Members of the Bureau
Ms. Armine Hayrapetyan (Armenia)
Mr. Michael Struckl (Austria)
Ms. Maud Casier (European Union)
Ms. Wivi-Ann Wagello-Sjölund (Finland)
Ms. Dragana Raonić Popović (Montenegro)
Ms. Suzana Milutinovic (Serbia)
Ms. Gill Smart (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)