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Preparatory Phase

The preparatory phase was the first phase of the Assistance Programme. The preparatory phase of the Programme comprised activities to enable the countries that have expressed a commitment at high level to demonstrate the capacity to receive assistance. The countries were invited to implement basic tasks under the Convention and present the results to a fact-finding team.


High-level Commitment Meeting

The High-level Commitment Meeting took place on 14-15 December 2005 at the Palais des Nations in Geneva. The participation included delegations from 34 UNECE member countries.

Fact-finding missions

The fact-finding missions were conducted in countries that had expressed a high level commitment to the implementation of the Convention.

The missions were carried out by teams composed of three members and they worked in accordance with the Assistance Programme and the terms of reference.

After the fact finding mission, the team prepared a report containing an evaluation of the implementation of basic tasks and any further assistance the visited country required in implementing the Convention.


Awareness-raising Missions

If a country doesn't have the capacity to implement the basic tasks under the Convention, an awareness-raising mission can be organized to provide additional support. The missions are carried out by teams of four people with substantial expertise on prevention, preparedness and response to industrial accidents.

After the awareness-raising mission, the mission hosting country should prepare an action plan for the implementation of the basic tasks and report to the Bureau of the Conference of the Parties when the tasks are completed.


After Completion of the Preparatory Phase

A positive evaluation of the implementation of basic tasks is a pre-condition for a country to participate in the implementation phase of the Programme and to receive assistance on complex tasks.

Should any basic tasks be evaluated as unaccomplished, a country is asked to take additional effort to finalize them and to report to the Bureau of the Conference of the Parties. The country will then be invited to join the implementation phase after the report on accomplishing the tasks is accepted.

High Level Committment Meeting (Geneva 14-15 December 2005)

Fact-finding Missions