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Other good practices

Countries have identified good practices in implementing the Convention on the Transboundary Effects of Industrial Accidents through communications beyond their national implementation reports. These good practices are compiled in the tables below. The Working Group on Implementation and the UNECE secretariat categorized these good practices into the theme in the first box. In addition, countries have reported on good practices through other UNECE projects, as listed in the second box. Click on each box to expand (or collapse) it into a table. The tables include information and related links when available. Should you have further questions on the good practices provided, please contact the Focal Point of the Party or country. A list of all Focal Points can be found here.

Policies for the Implementation of the Convention


Description of Good Practice

Links by language


Provided a link to the Risk Calculations Manual

(ENG) (Dutch)


Guidelines on accident prevention at stores for fertilizers containing ammonium nitrate

(FRE) (German) (Italian)

UNECE projects involving good practicies



Online Toolkit and Training for Strengthening Mine Tailings Safety (ENG) (RUS), developed by UNECE

Information Repository of Good Practices and Lessons Learned in Land-Use Planning and Industrial Safety, co-developed by UNECE and the European Investment Bank, is available here

Good Practices on preventing accidental water pollution, developed by the Joint Expert Group on Water and Industrial Accidents, are available here, including good practices on the management and retention of firefighting water (ENG) (FRE) (RUS), oil terminals (ENG) (RUS), pipelines (ENG) (RUS), tailings management facilities (ENG) (RUS) and contingency planning for accidents affecting transboundary waters (ENG) (FRE) (RUS)

Further good practices and publications developed under the framework of the Convention on the Transboundary Effects of Industrial Accidents are available here

Seminar on mine tailings safety (1 December 2020)

Seminar on risk assessment methodologies (4 December 2018)