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White Paper on the Progress, Accomplishment and Future of Sustainable Inland Water Transport

The UNECE “White Paper on the progress, accomplishment and future of sustainable inland water transport” is the third edition of a policy paper on the current situation, trends and challenges in inland water transport on European inland waterways of international importance in the region of the Economic Commission for Europe.
This third edition follows from the International Conference on Inland Water Transport (18 and 19 April 2018, Wrocław, Poland) and particularly from the Ministerial declaration “Inland Navigation in a Global Setting”, which was supported by resolution No. 265 “Facilitating the Development of Inland Water Transport” of 22 February 2019 of the Inland Transport Committee.
The overall objective is to assess the current situation of inland water transport in Europe, review progress since 2011, identify current trends and challenges, and propose recommendations in key areas of pan-European cooperation to promote the development of the sector. 
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