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UNRSF Results Brochure


UNRSF is playing a catalytic role in transforming investments for road safety and changing world views to understand how road safety transcends many other SDGs.

In West Africa, 15 countries received support which ultimately resulted in the celebrated adoption of a single environmental used car standard with embedded important road safety requirements.

In Brazil, the road traffic rule enforcement system has been strengthened, resulting in a decrease in the rate of traffic deaths per 100,000 habitants from 17.03 in 2019 to 15.64 in 2020.

In Ethiopia, the government adopted and has begun implementing a national plan to construct 300 km of walking and cycling lanes, safely separated from vehicular traffic.

UNRSF has also successfully mobilized government co-financing as well as creative sources of corporate financing for the global road safety agenda. This has translated into commitments of just under US$18 million; an 83% increase from 2019 to 2020 in projects proposing co-funding arrangements.

The world needs an UN-led response to the global road safety challenge and if the UNRSF did not exist, we would create it today!