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SafeFITS Final report


This report presents the results of the project Safe Future Inland Transport Systems (SafeFITS), which aims to develop a robust road safety decision-making tool to support the most appropriate road safety policies and measures to achieve tangible results.

The SafeFITS tool is composed of three complementary modules: 

  • Intervention analysis: allows the user to examine the effects of single interventions at national or country cluster level.
  • Forecasting analysis: allows the user to define own scenarios of measures (or combinations of measures) in a country and obtain medium/long term road safety forecasts for each scenario.
  • Benchmarking analysis: allows the user to benchmark a country against a group of countries (e.g. all countries, countries of similar economic or road safety performance).

The present report includes an indicative demonstration of the model implementation within SafeFITS web-based tool, by means of wire-frames presentation. The model may provide forecasting and benchmarking estimates for 130 countries:
  • Base case scenario, solely on the basis of GNI projections (either official projections, or user-defined). This scenario serves as a reference case for assessing the effects of interventions.
  • Policy scenarios with up to a maximum of eight interventions, in addition to GNI developments. This allows one to assess the cumulative impact of these interventions on the forecasted road safety outcomes, and the country’s position globally or within its country cluster.