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Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, Model Regulations

Complete set of two volumes
Sales No. 09.VIII.2
ISBN 978-92-1-139136-7
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for developing countries and
economies in transition;
US$ 38.75 for least
developed countries
Languages: A, C, E, F, R, S
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The Model Regulations are addressed to governments and international organisations concerned with the regulation of the transport of dangerous goods. They have been developed in the light of technical progress, the advent of new substances and materials, the exigencies of modern transport systems and, above all, the requirement to ensure the safety of people, property and the environment.
The Model Regulations cover the classification of dangerous goods, their listing, the use, construction, testing and approval of packagings and portable tanks, as well as consignment procedures such as marking, labelling, placarding and documentation.
This sixteenth revised edition contains new provisions (e.g. transport of substances which are toxic by inhalation, requirements for metal hydride storage systems, provisions for fuel cell engines, use of open cryogenic receptacles) and revised provisions (e.g. transport of dangerous goods packed in limited quantities, classification criteria for environmentally hazardous substances, use of electronic data interchange transmission techniques and special provisions for fumigated cargo transport units).
For more information on these recommendations, visit the UN Model Regulations section of the UNECE Transport Division Website.