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Workshop on Transport-related SDGs and Road Safety System, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

04 - 05 March 2020


PDF Draft Agenda


Session I. Transport in the Framework of the 2030 Development Agenda for Sustainable Development

Mr. Nenad Nikolić, UNECE, SDGs Background PDF
Mr. Alexander Blackburn, UNECE, Transport‐related SDGs PDF

Session II. Monitoring and reporting on SDGs experiences

Ms. Amra Fetahović, Directorate for Economic Planning, Bosnia and Herzegovina PDF1 PDF2
Ms. Sanja  Ajanović‐Hovnik,  Deputy  Director,  Government  Office  for  Development  and European Cohesion Policy, Slovenia PDF

Session III. SDG 3, 9 & 11; and Road Transport Statistics

Mr. Nenad Nikolić, Regional Advisor, UNECE PDF
Mr. Alexander Blackburn, UNECE PDFSDG11  PDFSDG9  PDFRTS  PDFSDG3
Mr. Tomislav  Bojić,  Federal  Ministry  of  Transport  and  Communications,  Bosnia  and Herzegovina, Road safety and database PDF
Mr. Milan  Tešić,  Traffic  Safety  Agency  of  the  RS,  Bosnia  and  Herzegovina,  Road  safety indicators PDF

Session  IV.  Road  Safety  System  and  Strategy ‐  Regional  and  National Experience

Mr. Dejan Jovanov, Road safety expert, Analysis of SEETO RP Road Safety Strategy PDF
Ms. Katerina Folla, European Road Safety Action Plan, NTUA, Greece PDF
Mr. Dejan Jovanov, Road safety expert, TRACECA Road Safety Strategy PDF
Mr. Bernd Strnad, Road Safety Action Plan Austria, KfV, Austria PDF
Ms. Katerina Folla, Road Safety Strategy Greece, NTUA, Greece PDF