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START-Ed Group on Education and Standardization

The START-Ed Group aims to support efforts by schools, universities, vocational training institutions and other training and research establishments to integrate standards and standard related issues in their curricula.
About the START-Ed Group
The START-Ed Group was established by the decision of the Working Party at its twenty-second session in November 2012.
The START–Ed Group has the following tasks:
  • Promotion of standards-awareness in the educational establishments including elaboration of module programme on standardization,
  • assisting in sharing best practices in teaching standards to different audiences.
The Group is currently working on:
  • Development of modules within the UNECE model programme on standardization;
  • Assisting in sharing best practices in teaching standards to different audiences;
  • Cooperation with other organizations working on this priority (EURASICES,  ISO Academy)
  • First meeting, 20 November 2013, Geneva, Switzerland.
    Presentations were delivered by CEN/CENELEC (PPT1, PPT2), and IPQ/CT 187 and a Game on standards and Innovation titled "The Sky is the Limit" was played.
  • Second meeting, 26, November 2014, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Third meeting, 3 November 2015, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Fourth meeting, 21 November 2019, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Fifth meeting, 2 November 2020, virtual WebEx teleconference
How to get involved
The work of the Group is open to representatives of all United Nations Member States. Experts from international organizations, representatives of the private sector and non-governmental organizations can participate as observers. If you would like to participate, please contact the WP.6 Secretariat.

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UNECE Model programme on Standardization

  • Module on international trade (English    Russian)
  • Module  on the benefits of standardization to society (Russian)
  • Module  on management system standards (Russian)