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The purpose of the sectoral initiative on cybersecurity is to promote the convergence of national technical regulations currently in place, or yet to be put in place, in this sector towards a shared framework that is based on a risk-based approach and other international best practices. This will reduce barriers to trade for components, equipment, qualified persons and services, will encourage competition, increase market choice and will reduce costs. It will also increase the level of data protection for banking, health and other essential data services and the level of reliability, continuity, safety and security of critical infrastructures, such as electrical energy supply, and other essential services that are the backbone of any national economy. It will therefore help to ensure the general well-being and prosperity of a country’s citizens.
Important documents:
  • Latest progress report:
  • 2019 (ECE/CTCS/WP.6/2019/9)      ENG  FRE  RUS