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Energy Efficiency



Issues related to energy efficiency are among the priority areas of work of the Committee on Sustainable Energy, and are addressed by one of its subsidiary bodies – the Group of Experts on Energy Efficiency (GEEE).

GEEE carries out concrete and results-oriented activities with the aim to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • help significantly improve energy efficiency in the UNECE region, thus contributing to climate change mitigation efforts, and;
  • strengthen regional cooperation in energy efficiency, with a view to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

GEEE focuses on regulatory and policy dialogue addressing financial, technical and policy barriers, and on sharing best practices, including strengthening institutional capacity in the field of energy efficiency.

Work Plan of GEEE for:  2020-2021     2018-2019     2016-2017     2014-2015 

In focus


UNECE was an implementing partner in the United Nations Development Account project “Global Initiative towards post-Covid-19 resurgence of the MSME sector”, conceived to strengthen the capacity and resilience of micro-, small and medium enterprises (MSME) in developing countries and economies in transition to mitigate the economic and social impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

One of the UNECE activities was to explore best practices and develop guidelines for MSME in delivering energy-efficient products and services and in providing renewable energy equipment in response to the crisis. The output of this work was a report "Guidelines and best practices for MSME in delivering energy-efficient products and in providing renewable energy equipment" (August 2020) that is available in English and in Russian. This report was used to develop a related online training course whereby two workshops were held (in English,14 September 2020, and in Russian,1 October 2020), and was discussed by GEEE at its seventh session (Geneva and online, 22 and 25 September 2020).

The work under the project also provided the basis for a publication entitled "Guidelines and Best Practices for Micro-, Small and Medium Enterprises in Delivering Energy-Efficient Products and in Providing Renewable Energy Equipment", which is available for download.