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2020 Covid-19 response in Statistical Data Dissemination and Communication

07 - 09 September 2020
Virtual Geneva Switzerland

For more information about the virtual meeting, please visit wiki


  Document Title Presentations
  Preliminary timetable PDF
Monday 7 September: Covid-19 response in Statistical Data Dissemination and Communication
  Welcome and opening remarks, Taeke Gjaltema (UNECE) and Michael Levi (Chair) PDF
  Opening presentation: Coronavirus: How to turn an emergency into an opportunity. Istat experience. Giulia Peci and Michela Troia (Istat, Italy) PDF
  Communicating new products activities developed in response to the crisis. Eran Ropalidis (CBS, Israel) PDF
  COVID-19: Providing information in uncertain times. Rodrigo Nuñez (INEGI, Mexico) PDF
  Innovation in Communications: StatCan COVID-19 Response. Janice Keenan (Statistics Canada) PDF
  OECD’s communications work related to COVID. Terri Mitton (OECD) PDF
  Task Force on ESS strategic communication. Lukasz Augustyniak (Eurostat) PDF
Tuesday 8 September: Covid-19 response in Statistical Data Dissemination and Communication
  Recap day one, Michael Levi (Chair) PDF
  Keynote presentation: Communicating the impact of the crisis on existing products and providing new products and services. Dominik Rozkrut (Statistics Poland) PDF
  Regular and new statistics - Communication the Impact of the crisis. Maria João Zilhão and Margarida Rosa (Statistics Portugal) PDF
  How COVID-19 kickstarted experimental statistics in Statistics Denmark. Marianne Kjær Mackie (Statistics Denmark) PDF
  Breaking news: is there room for economic statistics amid pandemic deaths? Luís de Carvalho Campos and Lígia Maria Nunes (Bank of Portugal) PDF
  Coronavirus data demands vs privacy commitments. Mike Ackermans (Statistics Netherlands) PDF
  Measuring the effectiveness of a communications pivot. Sam Howlett (ONS, United Kingdom) PDF
  Communicating the accuracy and relevance of statistical data during a pandemic. Michael Levi and Emily L. Liddel (BLS, United States of America) PDF
Wednesday 9 September: Communication and Human Resource Management during Covid-19 
  Recap day two discussion, Michael Levi (Chair) PDF
  Internal communication during the pandemic. Joana Ribeiro and Sylvia Mann (Statec, Luxembourg) PDF
  Going from face-to-face to remote work, but still together. Lígia Maria Nunes (Bank of Portugal) PDF
  Internal comms: Are we leading or just sending e-mails? Rodrigo Nuñez (INEGI, Mexico) PDF
  Joint effort to improve digital skills and supporting employees working remote. Kristin Goa  and Christine Rokkan (Statistics Norway) PDF
  The CSO Ireland digital marketing response to the withdrawal of interviewers from the field due to the Covid-19 crisis. Aeidin Sheppard (CSO Ireland) PDF
  Moving from In-Person to Virtual Presence at Conventions and Career Fairs. Sue King (United States Department of Agriculture) PDF
  Remote hiring. Jeroen Rutten (Statistics Netherlands) PDF