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CES Bureau meeting

28 February - 03 March 2019
IMF Headquarters Washington DC United States of America


Document Title
Documents Presentations
1 Provisional agenda  PDF


1/Add.1 Timetable 



  Report PDF  
2 In-depth review of satellite accounting (Canada) PDF  
3 In-depth review of measuring gender identity (Canada and United Kingdom) PDF  
6 Report of the Steering Group on gender statistics PDF  
6/Add.1 New terms of reference for the Steering Group on gender statistics PDF  
7 Defining and measuring circular migration (progress on the implementation) PDF  
8 Measuring social exclusion (launch and first steps of the Task Force) PDF  
9 Regional Forum on Sustainable Development and reporting on achievement of SDGs in the UNECE region PDF  
10 Modernization of official statistics (2018 outcomes and 2019 activities of HLG-MOS) PDF  
11 Concept note on Expert Meeting on modernizing statistical legislation PDF  
12 Concept note and outline of electronic guidance on measuring what matters PDF  
23 Implementation of the Statistical Programme 2018 PDF