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Information note_EN_final_clean.pdf Information note_EN_final_clean.pdf (application/pdf, 329.23 KB) English Information Note
Information note_FR_final_clean.pdf Information note_FR_final_clean.pdf (application/pdf, 334.84 KB) French Information Note
Information note_RUS_final_clean.pdf Information note_RUS_final_clean.pdf (application/pdf, 335.02 KB) Russian Information Note
Information note_SPA_final_clean.pdf Information note_SPA_final_clean.pdf (application/pdf, 324.98 KB) Spanish Information Note
Programme_global workshop_EN.pdf Programme_global workshop_EN.pdf (application/pdf, 332.43 KB) English Program
Programme_global workshop_FR.pdf Programme_global workshop_FR.pdf (application/pdf, 339.46 KB) French Program
Programme_global workshop_RUS.pdf Programme_global workshop_RUS.pdf (application/pdf, 320.83 KB) Russian Program
Programme_global workshop_SPA.pdf Programme_global workshop_SPA.pdf (application/pdf, 334.8 KB) Spanish Program
Final List of Participants_share1.pdf Final List of Participants_share1.pdf (application/pdf, 244.23 KB) English List of Participants
1_Tummers.pdf 1_Tummers.pdf (application/pdf, 188.68 KB) English Welcoming remarks by H.E. Mr. Lars Tummers, Ambassador, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Netherlands to the United Nations in Geneva
2_Mariyasin.pdf 2_Mariyasin.pdf (application/pdf, 123.05 KB) English Welcoming remarks by Mr. Dmitry Mariyasin, Deputy Executive Secretary, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)
3_Albrito_1.pdf 3_Albrito_1.pdf (application/pdf, 111.37 KB) English Welcoming remarks by Ms. Paola Albrito, Acting Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Disaster Risk Reduction, United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR)
4_Meza_Murillo.pdf 4_Meza_Murillo.pdf (application/pdf, 364.49 KB) English Welcoming remarks by Ms. Andrea Meza Murillo, Deputy Executive Secretary, United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), video message
6_Aich.pdf 6_Aich.pdf (application/pdf, 4.1 MB) English Drought under Global Change from a Transboundary Perspective , keynote speech - Mr. Valentin Aich, Global Water Partnership
7_Koeppel.pdf 7_Koeppel.pdf (application/pdf, 1.02 MB) English Introduction to objectives and programme - Ms. Sonja Koeppel, Secretary, Water Convention
2_Kirsch-Wood.pdf 2_Kirsch-Wood.pdf (application/pdf, 1.25 MB) English Introduction to drought management: global and local context: Introduction to drought management: global and local context - Ms. Jenty Kirsch-Wood, United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR)
5_Sauramba.pdf 5_Sauramba.pdf (application/pdf, 1.31 MB) English Challenges related to droughts and aquifers and way forward (incl. fossil aquifers and the issues of salinity) - Mr. James Sauramba, Southern African Development Community Groundwater Management Institute
6_Havens_1.pdf 6_Havens_1.pdf (application/pdf, 3.43 MB) English An EPIC Response: Innovative Governance for Flood and Drought Risk Management - Ms. Kathia Massaro Havens, World Bank
0_Stefanski.pdf 0_Stefanski.pdf (application/pdf, 1.04 MB) English Overview of Drought Early Warning, Data Exchange, Monitoring for Transboundary Basins - Mr. Robert Stefanski, World Meteorological Organisation and Valentin Aich, Global Water Partnership
1_Launois.pdf 1_Launois.pdf (application/pdf, 1.47 MB) English Drought management in France - Mr. Lionel Launois, Ministry of Ecology, France
2_Almeida.pdf 2_Almeida.pdf (application/pdf, 2.8 MB) English Mozambique’s experience in monitoring and early warning for drought Risk - Ms. Rita Filipe De Almeida, National Institute for Disaster Risk Management and Reduction, Mozambique
3_Mlowoka.pdf 3_Mlowoka.pdf (application/pdf, 2.18 MB) English Drought management through indigenous knowledge and early warning in Malawi - Mr. Blessings Angoni Mlowoka, International Federation of Red Cross Water Unit, Malawi Red Cross
4_Natouf.pdf 4_Natouf.pdf (application/pdf, 3.43 MB) English Management of groundwater an surface water in transboundary basins in the Arab region - Mr. Kassem Natouf, The Arab Center for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands
5_Artiga_1.pdf 5_Artiga_1.pdf (application/pdf, 2.66 MB) English Building synergistic solutions in the Dry Corridor of Central America - Mr. Raul Artiga, Central American Commission on Environment and Development
6_Fofana.pdf 6_Fofana.pdf (application/pdf, 2.6 MB) French Early warning, data exchange and monitoring of droughts in the Volta transboundary basin - Ms. Rafatou Fofana, Volta Basin Authority
7_Kruijshoop.pdf 7_Kruijshoop.pdf (application/pdf, 3.95 MB) English Climate change and low flow monitoring: the work of the International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine - Mr. Jan Kruijshoop, International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine (ICPR)
1_Batbayar_1.pdf 1_Batbayar_1.pdf (application/pdf, 2.78 MB) English Water sector’s policies of Mongolia - Mr. Batbayar Zeneemyadar, Water Agency, Mongolia
2_Rodriguez_1.pdf 2_Rodriguez_1.pdf (application/pdf, 1.87 MB) Spanish Drought policies, planning and management in Panama - Mr. Jonatan Rodriguez, Ministry of Environment, Panama
3_1_Gratii.pdf 3_1_Gratii.pdf (application/pdf, 4.15 MB) English Drought management planning in transboundary basins: Dniester River case - Ms. Victoria Gratii, Ministry of Environment, Republic of Moldova
4_Marcuello.pdf 4_Marcuello.pdf (application/pdf, 1.34 MB) English Integration of drought policies in a transboundary context - Ms. Conchita Marcuello, Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, Spain
5_Gutierrez_1.pdf 5_Gutierrez_1.pdf (application/pdf, 3.54 MB) Spanish Binational management to mitigate drought in Mexico – United States transboundary basins - Mr. José Gutiérrez, National Water Commission, Mexico
6_Bedredine.pdf 6_Bedredine.pdf (application/pdf, 1.84 MB) French Integrating droughts into water resources management planning in the Senegal River basin - Mr. Mohamed Fawzi Bedredine, Senegal River Basin Development Organization (OMVS)
7_Xayavong.pdf 7_Xayavong.pdf (application/pdf, 3.78 MB) English Drought management Strategy for the Lower Mekong River Basin - Ms. Sengphasouk Xayavong, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Lao People's Democratic Republic
1_1_Kinna.pdf 1_1_Kinna.pdf (application/pdf, 1.62 MB) English Transboundary water allocation: Convention’s Programme of Work Area 3.3 & Launch of the Summary Handbook - Mr. Remy Kinna, UNECE
1_2_Katongo.pdf 1_2_Katongo.pdf (application/pdf, 1.55 MB) English Zambia’s Activities on Water Allocation: Impacts of Drought on Hydropower Production - Mr. Mweshi Katongo, Ministry of Water Development and Sanitation, Zambia
1_3_Shereni.pdf 1_3_Shereni.pdf (application/pdf, 1.49 MB) English Zimbabwe’s activities on water allocation in the context of impacts of drought - Mr. Shephard Shereni, Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development, Zimbabwe
2_1_Jagerskog.pdf 2_1_Jagerskog.pdf (application/pdf, 2.08 MB) English Southern African Drought Resilience Initiative (SADRI): and its tools for addressing droughts at various levels - Mr. Anders Jagerskog, World Bank
2_2_Vogel_1.pdf 2_2_Vogel_1.pdf (application/pdf, 4.25 MB) English Droughts and Water Scarcity in the Danube River Basin: Coordinated Activities Towards Water Resilience - Ms. Birgit Vogel, International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR)
2_3_Ismoilov_1.pdf 2_3_Ismoilov_1.pdf (application/pdf, 3.48 MB) English Trees in Dry Cities and agriculture as solutions for minimizing and managing drought risk - Mr. Botir Ismoilov, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Uzbekistan
2_4_Aldwairi.pdf 2_4_Aldwairi.pdf (application/pdf, 1.51 MB) English The Use of Wastewater for Irrigation - Mr. Mohammad AL Dwairi, Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Jordan
2_9_Timmerman_1.pdf 2_9_Timmerman_1.pdf (application/pdf, 314.97 KB) English Discussions in the breakout groups - Mr. Jos Timmerman, Waterframes, the Netherlands
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