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UN Road Safety Fund launches 2023 call for proposals

UN Road Safety Fund launches 2023 call for proposals


The UN Road Safety Fund has issued its 2023 call for proposals, which will disburse USD 4 million to approved projects aimed at reducing road traffic fatalities. The call for proposals is open between 06 February 2023 and 03 April 2023 (23:59 CET).   

The duration of submitted projects may be up to a maximum of three years. The call invites eligible participating organizations to submit projects responding to the following priorities: 

  • Projects with multiple participating organizations joining expertise and submitting a proposal;   

  • Projects supporting regional (multi-country) approach to address common challenges;  

  • Projects with explicit consideration complementary to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);  

  • Projects supporting pillar 3 on vehicle safety and/or pillar 5 on post-crash care.   

The Fund has so far run four calls for proposals and as a result it is currently supporting 36 projects, spanning five regions in 46 countries, showcasing the impact of joint partnerships between the UN and an array of stakeholders. 

The Fund’s goal, guided by the Global Framework Plan of Action for Road Safety (GFPA) is to leverage the collective knowledge and capability of the UN system and all Fund stakeholders to achieve global impact and long-term developmental change through a substantial reduction in road traffic injuries and fatalities, and the economic loss arising therefrom. 

These system-focused actions are expected to help reduce the number of road fatalities and injuries through the joint efforts of countries supported by international organizations and institutions, as well as non-governmental organizations, and coordinated under the GFPA, the Global Plan of Action, and contribute towards the achievement of the SDGs. 

Find out more about the call and the Fund: Welcome to | UNRSF     


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