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Bringing standards to supply chain experts

Bringing standards to supply chain experts

Launch of the WP.6 Initiative on Education on Standardization (START-Ed) Focal Point Network

01 March 2023 16:00 - 18:00



Since the establishment of the predecessor of WP.6, education on standardization has been a fundamental objective. Traditional educational approaches consider standards to be a highly technical topic, of interest only to engineers. However, standards touch nearly every aspect of our daily life through all of the products we use and consume each day (mobile phone, vehicle, cleaning products, personal protection equipment, toys, …). These standards are verified for conformity when entering a market or when being conceived. This is becoming more and more an essential link in the global supply chain, but unfortunately, the majority of actors in the supply chain are still ignorant of this importance.

In 2012, the initiative on education on standardization (START-Ed) was established, bringing together experts from academia to promote good practices and to share national experiences. The objective is to encourage universities, tertiary-level institutes, vocational training schools and other education and research institutions to integrate standardization and standards-related issues in their curricula. These experts have elaborated a model programme on education on standardization and relevant teaching materials.

In 2022, several of these modules were used as the basis for the WP.6 e-learning platform,

The START-Ed Focal Point Network was endorsed by the WP.6 32nd annual session as a means to promote education on trade-related standardization. The main aims are to encourage the implementation of the START-Ed modules for education on standardization within teaching programmes, participate in START-Ed meetings to help develop best practices, and assist in enhancing the START-Ed modules.


This first meeting of the START-Ed Focal Point Network will be to launch this new group, to discuss the ways that the currently-available material can be used, to discuss the direction that the group would like to proceed concerning current and future modules, and to share some best practices of current implementations.

Target Audience

Individual academic experts such as professors, educational experts and PhD researchers interested in implementing education on trade-related standardization within their individual curricula.

Universities, tertiary-level institutes, training schools, etc. interested in integrating education on trade-related standardization within their programmes.

Standards development bodies with an interest in the promotion of education on standardization.


On-line Webinar 16:00-18:00 (Geneva-time = CET)


  • Mr. Ariel Ivanier, Chief of Market Access Section, UNECE [Bio]

Background: Achievements of the WP.6 Education on Standardization Initiative

  • Ms. Marta Orviská, Acting Coordinator of START-Ed, Professor, Faculty of Economics, Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia [Bio]

Experience of Universities on teaching standards to non-technical students

  • Ms. Ivana Mijatovič, Full Professor, University of Belgrade [Bio][Ppt]
  • Ms. Yu Xiao, Professor, Jiliang University, China [Bio][Ppt]

Experience of National Standards Bodies on teaching standards to non-technical stakeholders

  • Mr. Vladimír Mikulec, Responsible for Education Activities, Slovak Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing (SOSMT) [Bio][Ppt]

Proposed method to optimize WP.6 work on Education on Standards and the Focal Point Network

  • Mr. Lance Thompson, Secretary WP.6, UNECE [Bio][Ppt]

Future evolutions and directions

  • Ms. Marta Orviská, Acting Coordinator of START-Ed, Professor, Faculty of Economics, Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia [Ppt]