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Standards are a catalyst to achieving the SDGs

Standards are a catalyst to achieving the SDGs

Co-organized with ISO and the Permanent Mission of Germany to the United Nations Office and other international organizations in Geneva

06 April 2022 17:15 - 18:30

This side event of the UNECE Regional Forum on Sustainable Development will seek to demonstrate the pervasive role of standards in achieving cooperation and improving representativity of all stakeholders, especially women. Standards touch nearly every aspect of daily life from product compliance to harmonization of regulatory procedures – just reading this text on a computer implies the use of hundreds of standards.

A systemic use of internationally agreed standards ensures that governments and stakeholders alike embrace a common approach and a common solution. Dissemination and education on standardization are key to ensure the widespread adoption and use of relevant standards as well as awareness of the importance of standards.

Agenda of the meeting and given presentations:

  • Opening and keynote
    • Ms. Heidi Lund, WP.6 Chair
    • Ms. Elisa Olmeda, WTO Technical Barriers to Trade Committee Chair
  • The importance of cooperation to achieve internationally agreed standards that support the SDGs
    • Ms. Noelia Garcia Nebra, Head of Sustainability, International Organization for Standardization
    • Ms. Rosie Seville, WP.6 Vice Chair and First Secretary, Permanent Mission of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • The importance of gender-responsive standards and how these can be implemented
    • Ms. Dorothee Ulrike Schwill, Counsellor Development Policy, Permanent Mission of Germany to the United Nations Officeand other international organizations in Geneva
    • Ms. Michelle Parkouda, WP.6 GRSI PT2 Project Lead and Manager Research, Standards Council of Canada
  • The importance of education on standardization
    • Ms. Marta Orviska, WP.6 START-ED member and Professor of Finance, Banking and Investment, Matej Bel University, Slovakia