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Promoting access to decent, adequate, affordable and healthy housing for all

Side event to the UNECE Urban Resilience Week 2023

05 October 2023
in-person and online Palais des Nations Geneva Switzerland

Time: 1.15-2.45 p.m. CET

The side event was held in person at Tempus Conference Hall, Palais des Nations, Geneva and online in WebEx.

This side event was organized by the UNECE Real Estate Market Advisory Group (REM) and the network of Geneva UN Charter Centres of Excellence, a team of specialists which supports and assists the Committee on Urban Development, Housing and Land Management and the Working Party on Land Administration. The side event discussed different approaches to ensuring access to affordable and decent housing for all, as outlined in the Geneva UN Charter on Sustainable Housing.


Draft programme


52175 _ Raul Garcia Rodriguez, Sustainable finance practise _ 384262 _ English _ 773 _ 396085 _ pdf
52175 _ REM activities during 2023 and planned for 2024 - Fire Safety _ 384263 _ English _ 773 _ 396086 _ pdf