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Land Administration Reviews

Country Year ENG FRE RUS
Bulgaria 2009 PDF PDF


Azerbaijan 2007 PDF PDF PDF
Lithuania 2005 PDF PDF PDF
Russian Federation 2003   PDF 1   PDF 2 PDF 1  PDF 2   PDF 1   PDF 2
Georgia 2001 PDF - PDF
Armenia 2001 PDF - PDF

Land Administration Reviews are no longer prepared separately. The last review prepared was in 2009. Since then, analysis on land administration has been part of the Country Profiles on Urban Development, Housing and Land Management. The analysis include not only land administration but land management as well.
Please see chapter on Land Administration and Management in the following Country Profiles:
Kyrgyzstan (2010)
Tajikistan (2011)
Ukraine (2013)

Republic of Moldova (2015)
Uzbekistan (2015)
Belarus (2019)

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