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CEVNI stands for European Code for Inland Waterways, and was adopted by the UNECE as Resolution No. 24 on 15 November 1985 (see files on Resolutions page, under "Rules and Signs on Inland Waterway"). It provides harmonized rules that constitute the legal and technical basis for national inland waterway codes in UNECE member States. CEVNI requires regular updating in order to reflect the changes in equipment and technology. This task is being carried out by a group of experts representing UNECE member States and river commissions.

The CEVNI Expert Group is an informal working body of the UNECE Working Party on Inland Water Transport (SC.3). It was created in accordance with the decision of the SC.3 at its fifty-first session in October 2007. The objective of the CEVNI Expert Group was initially set to identify the differences in traffic rules in Europe to help further harmonize navigation rules applicable to specific European river basins thus facilitating the work of skippers. The group also carries out the task of considering amendment proposals to CEVNI submitted by Governments and river commissions and forwards them to SC.3 for formal adoption. The group meets three times a year back-to-back with a session of the official working groups SC.3 and SC.3/WP.3, usually one day before the official session at the Palais des Nations in Geneva. Its working language is English. For more information on the CEVNI Expert Group please contact the secretariat.